1. Purpose

This policy purposes to maintain that Broadlink can provide high quality service to all of its customers in obedience with the law and commercial practice and to safeguard that your usage does not break any laws, impede efficient operation of our network where the reliability of our network is sustained for the mutual benefit of all users.

This policy applies to all of Broadlink Customers who have acquired any and/or all of Broadlink’s service(s). Customer should also acknowledge that their use of any of the service taken from Broadlink is subject to the rules and regulations and instructions comprised in this policy. Thus, When using any of Broadlink’s services, Customers agree to conform to all the terms and conditions mentioned in this policy.

2. General

Each Customer is responsible for ensuring that use of the service complies with this policy. The customer under whom the account is created will be also be responsible for any use of the service even if it was used with or without your consent, by a friend, family member, guest or employee who gains access to the service you subscribe.

Customers should frequently refer to this policy to ensure that your undertakings comply with the rules and regulstions and/or terms and conditions stated in the Policy.

Broadlink may rely on this policy where a customer’s use of the service is not in accordance with the terms and conditions and/or deliberated to be used beyond the purpose of the relevant scheme.  Thus,  if there is any discrepancy between any part of your agreement and this policy then such cases, this policy shall override. Customers shall also contact us if they become aware of any violations of this policy by other Broadlink subscribers.

3. Unlawful pursuit

All customers are responsible for any kind of activity that is carried out under their account with Broadlink’s service, and must not use the service for any activity that breaches any law or violates any law&order, regulations and/or commercial code of practice. Any undertakings that jeopardizes any person(s) or risks endangering or compromising the security of effective operation of the Broadlink network, or any of Broadlink’s systems or equipments, can lead to the customer’s access to the service being restricted, suspended or terminated in accordance with this policy.

Prohibited activities include but not limited to:-

  • Violating any applicable law, rules and regulations
  • Harassing, defaming or abusing anyone or violate their privacy
  • Violating the copyright or accessing, dowloading and disseminating contents that infringes or may infringe upon the intellectual rights of others.
  • Broadcasting, posting and accessing content which is unlawful
  • Accessing, monitoring of any data, system or networks without authority
  • Meddling, impeding and making unendorsed modifications to any network or system
  • Compromise the security or integrity of any network or system
  • Interfering with the technical operation of Broadlink’s services or any other system or networkby flooding and overloading the network
  • Probing, testing the vulnerability of a system or network
  • Accessing, downloading, sending, storing or disseminating viruses or other harmful material and content that is prohibited and unlawful under any applicable law
  • Violating any security or authentication for a system or network
  • Accessing the acount or confidential material of other person or entitiy
  • Encumbering any network or system including Broadlink Network and Systems
  • Forging names and authorisations to gain access to the account of any other person
  • Altering, muddling the header information, sources of contents
  • Providing fabricated, disingenuous or misleading information to Broadlink to take up the services

Upon failing to comply with the above conditions, Broadlink reserves the right to suspend, cancel or terminate the customer account and services.

4. Risks and responsibilities

As a customer, you bear all the risk asociated with the activities you carry out in the internet and with such, Broadlink strictly does not carry any laccountablity and iability for any losses, claims, or proceedings arising as a result of or otherwise involving to such activities.

5. Contents

The customer is solely responsible for any content you trasmit, broadcast, access and view. This includes transmission of confidential information (such as credit card and personal identification details), accessing and broadcasting content that may be inappropriate and/or offensive orparticular age group, community or entity. Thus, it is the responsibility of the customer to take suitable steps to restrict such access to minors.

We are under no obligation to monitor transmissions and contents you access under your account while using our service. However, Broadlink reserves the right to monitor, edit or disclose the content and usage to identify that that you are complying with the terms & conditions and policies set forth.

6. Unreasonable Use

Broadlink advises that the supply of a retail service plan or offers  for customer’s personal/household use only and not for any commercial purpose. Broadlink  considers your use of the service provided unreasonable if accessed or utilised for any non - ordinary purpose or if the plan is  for household/personal use only, but instead it is used for commercial purposes without proper agreement and/or first obtaining approval and written consent from Broadlink. With this regard, Broadlink may offer or refuse consent, or give consent subject to any conditions, at Broadlink’s sole discretion for each different case.

Broadlink may contact you if we become aware of an unusually high use of the service by you. Please note that Broadlink is entitled to suspend the service as per NTA guidelines for an unusually high use of the service that is suspicious.

We consider your use of the service unreasonable if:-

  •  Your usage of the service affects other customer’s access to the network
  •  You are not using this service in accordance with our terms and conditions and this policy without our consent.
  •  SIM boxing, or using the service in connection with other equipments that switches and routes traffic to or from Broadlink or the network of any other vendors.
  •  Resupplying and/or Reselling of the service for commercial use
  •  Wholeselling our service
  •  Running automated programs that keep continous connection without your interaction and presence.
  •  Using methods and/or setting up devices that bypasses authentication, pricings and subscriptions, potentially limiting the ability of other customers to access the service

7. Fair Usage Policy

This Fair Usage Policy (FUP)*policy forms a part of agreement with the customers and all customers using our shared unlimited* services are bound by this policy.

Under this policy, all customers are allocated a usage allowance depending on the service plan they subscribe.

Under this policy, the usage allowance for each service plan is set as follows :- 256kbps : 25GB, 384 kbps : 38GB, 512 kbps : 50GB, 960 kbps : 100 GB. Thus, once the customer’s data allowance under that plan in which they subscribed has reached, their speed will be rationalised by 75%.

This policy aims to ensure that Broadlink is able to provide quality service throughout to all of its customers and that no customers are disadvantaged by the actions of others.

We consider “excessive” use of services to be where the customers consumes more than the allocated data allowance per month for each service plans after all your allocated data for the service plan for that month has been consumed.

If you are an excessive user, we may ask you to reduce your use. If the usage continues at an excessive level following this request we may further rationalise your speed,suspend or cancel your service, in each case immediately without prior notification.

Please note that our right to suspend your access to the services without notice under this clause overrides any requirement we may have to give you notice in any other part(s) of the terms and conditions.

8. Law authorities

As a condition of our Internet Service Providing license, Broadlink is required to assist and aid in any way possible to all the law enforcement authorities and governing entities to their requests at any time without notice of the customers. To ensure compliance with the regulating authorities, we may and/or will be required to provide your documents , statistics, usage details and identification as a part of legal obligations if you are found or suspected to be breaking any laws by using Broadlink’s services.

Thus, it is entirely up to the customers to ensure that any contents or information they choose to access is lawful.

Customers agree to face civil and/or criminal penalty as decided by the semi-judicial and judicial entity and/or immediate termination of service by Broadlink in event of re-sale of Broadlink’s products and services and/or uses the services for illegal purpose such as CALL BYPASS, illegal voice termination using Broadlink network, hosting illegal sites, threatening others and like.

Failure to comply with our policies and terms & conditions, Broadlink reserves the right to suspend, cancel or terminate your account and service at any time without prior notice.

9. Changes and Updates

Broadlink reserves the right to rationally update any or all of its policies and terms & conditions time to time to ensure that all service provided are in course with applicable contexts, settings and provisions. Thus, the Customer agrees to constitute their acceptance of any such revisions and will be bound by any such modifications. With such, or if you have any doubts, please visit and refer to our terms & conditions and policies regularly to ensure that you are acquainted with the most updated version.

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