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USB dongles are external portable WIFI devices for use in Laptops and Desktops. These devices comprise better and powerful strength to receive the wireless signal than that of Laptops or Desktops by default. Thus, it helps you connect to the internet smoothly with better signal than that of  inbuilt wireless in laptop and/or desktops in areas covered by Broadlink throughout the nation.

Furthermore, due to its portability these devices help you take the the utmost benefit of mobile internet provided by Broadlink and you are able to use the internet in any areas within the network coverage of Broadlink.

Thus, even any existing clients who are using Signal booster device in their residence can use these portable Wifi devices to use their internet in other areas not covered by the Signal Booster device within the Broadlink network throughout the nation. The devices are thoroughly  tested by us fully recommend for use to our new and existing customers to reap the benefits of mobile internet!


Some features of each of these devices are:-

USB Dongles can be best utilised for accessing the internet* for clients who are always on the go and need mobile internet connection which they can use while travelling or anywhere* inside/outside of their residence.

This portable external wifi device can also be used by existing customers to access the internet anywhere else within the coverage of Broadlink.

USB dongles contain an omni 360 degrees antenna and can be connected to a wireless access points or router to improve and strengthen the wireless signal transmission.

Following is a Diagram on how the USB dongles works with our Wi-Fi base Stations.


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