Communication is crucial be it in a relationship or business. The need to connect to your near and dear ones has become much more eminent. Global business is demanding more involvement‚ all of which is leading us to the need of a telephony service that is cheap‚ affordable and clear. Broadlink is aware of this global need and is determined in providing Internet Voice Services to make international calls at an affordable & competitive cost.

Now, don’t let the distance come between you and your loved ones or keep you from a global business opportunity because Broadlink telephone service (BroadTel) lets you make international calls at a very affordable price over crystal clear voice quality and sound. 
 BroadTel Voice Services can be accessed through a Soft-phone Dialer, Ip phone and Mobile Dialer. 
BroadTel services can be used with any internet connection from any other service providers. However for Broadlink’s Existing Wi-Fi customers do not need an internet connection to use BroadTel services as long as they are within the coverage area of Broadlink.
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Activate IP Phone 

Process for Web Activation is :

Process for Call Center Activation is :

After activation, dial the desired destination number . You need to dial “ country code + number ”. ( E.g. If you are calling UK number ‚ you need to dial “ 44 982737647 ” )

Soft Phone Dialer

Broadlink cusomters can make international calls from their laptops or desktops connected to the internet by using PC-To-Phone Dialers which can be downloaded free of cost.
Broadlink Soft Phone Dialer features an intuitive and easy-to-use GUI ( Graphical User Interface) that allows callers to make international calls with ease , in secure mode and with exceptional level of voice quality. 

Broadlink Soft Phone has features like
  • Information on the actual account balance
  • Real-time information on the current connection status
  • Information on the maximum duration for the call
  • Connection timer
  • Check rate button (quick information about the rate for entered phone number)
  • Volume control
  • Audio wizard
  • Support for Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008 and Windows 7
  • Direct link to the web page containing calls history info (without having to log in to the web)

To download soft-phone dialers, please go to our Download Page.


Recharge Account

Recharge your account via web or IVR. 

Recharge via web
  • Login using your username/password at broadlink Self Care.
  • Go to “ Billing Information ” Tab
  • Enter the PIN No. from Recharge using PIN button
  • Your account will be recharged immediately.
Recharge via IVR
  • Dial 111# and enter the PIN no. when prompted . Your account will be recharged.
  • Dial 012# for balance enquiry.

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Photo ID Proof must be submitted along with CRF

Passport size photo must submitted along with CRF

CPE(Modem Rental) charges applicable on select plans.

Download speed indicated is only up to our ISP node.

Speed and Data usage limit subject to Broadlink Fair Usage Policy.

Installation charges and taxes extra as applicable.

Please contact your nearest broadlink branch offices for area specific plans/schemes & SME / Corporate Services.

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