Broad TV

Broadtv is an IPTV service delivered through your broadband connection with set top box that is packed with various enabled features and a selection from wide range of channel packs. 

If you love watching TV, be ready to embrace the ultimate entertainment experience with BroadTV. Watch all the HD channels* and movies you love, LIVE or ON-DEMAND seamlessly from your TV, Phone, Tablet or any compatible smart devices anytime anywhere.

Never miss out any special moments with the 24hrs auto-recording feature of BroadTV. On top of that, you can also convert any old TV to a smart TV using one single device. Get BroadTV now and enjoy it in any internet network and never get bored again.

BroadTV takes your entertainment to another level like you have never experienced before. Along with TV, Enjoy Inbuilt entertainment and streaming apps like Youtube and Netflix to watch on your TV!

You can watch Broad TV on your TV, on your laptop, tablet and your mobile. Download our apps and watch it wherever you are.

Plans to suit everyone

Broad TV Plans

  • Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is applicable on all residential plans
  • Speed is rationalised to 5Mbps once data threshold is reached
  • Customers can buy more GB when they finish their daily GB threshold and they are on Fallback plan
  • All the above prices are excluding VAT
  • Any Additional TV Rs. 200/month

Broad TV vs Digital TV

How is Broad TV better than Digital TV

Reverse time watch shows from the last 24 hours
See what will be aired in the next 24 hours
Local Channels
40+ Full HD Channels
Easy Installation (no dish required)
Interactive Service
Clearest Viewing Experience
Ad Free Experience
FTTH Internet Included
Weather Proof

Broad TV Support

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Catchup TV?

Catch-up TV is the feature available on broadTV where you can watch your favorite programs within 24hrs period!  So lets say you went out and missed your favourite program? Well, with catch-up TV you did not really miss it. Catch-up TV feature automatically saves all the programs from all the channels from the last 24hrs, so they can be watched ANYTIME and from ANYWHERE!  In broadTV, all programs from all channels can be accessed for the last 24 hrs! So, the customers can watch any programs on any channels at any time within last 24 hours without any hassle.

Is recording the shows to watch later possible?

In broadTV, all programs from all channels can be accessed for the last 24 hrs! So, the customers can watch any programs on any channels at any time within last 24 hours without any moment recharge option is available from all BroadLink outlets / partners and some online payment gateway plus banks.

How to watch broadTV on smartphone and other handheld devices

To watch broadTV on your smartphone and tablets, you simply need to download the broadTV app and/or our player!

What other features are there?

BroadTV Set-up box is no ordinary set-up box that is provided by your DTH and cable providers. This is an android PLUG-N-PLAY device. Thus with this device, you are automatically turning any TV into a smart TV with just a small set-up box fee. You can youtube, check your email, skype and browse the Internet with this device.



What is BroadTV?

BroadTv is an IPTV service. IPTV is where you get your TV channels and programs streamed through the Internet network! You can watch the programs through a set-up box on your TV or on your smart handheld devices. In broadTV we have all the best features of IPTV that is Video on Demand (VOD), Catch-up TV and LIVE TV.

How many channels are currently in HD?

If possible a comprehensive list. Currently we have 20 HD channels and will reach to 45 HD channels in next two months time. Listings as we update will be updated in the website soon.

Does it incur data deduction on limited data plan users on BroadLink or other ISP’s?

Yes, it does and broadTV works on all Internet network on any ISP. Hence the customer doesn’t have to be using BroadLink Internet. However, our network is designed for seamless TV viewing experience and we recommend users to subscribe to our following packages for Internet and TV for uninterrupted service.

For ADSL or other ISP customers, what is the minimum connection speed?

Since Broad TV works under Intranet (Local) connectivity where all ISP’s are connected in High capacity, so as long as you have good connectivity broadTV will work without any issue. Your international bandwidth capacity from your current provider will not matter on how broadTV will work as long as the connection is good.

Is set up box required to use broadTV on smart devices?

No, once you purchase a set up box from us, which has an in- built wifi as well set up box is not required to use broadTV on your smart devices. You can simply connect to the wireless connection and watch broadTV on your smartphones.

Smartphones restrictions may apply to some channels owing to broadcster restrictions.
Viewing TV on smart devices may be subject to the type/model of your devices as well as your wifi connectivity quality and distance.

Is there a possibility of running more than one TV set at the same time?

We offer Three setup box under one plan i.e. no additional cost is required on above cost per month for TV subscription charges. Customers are only required to purchase the setup boxes.

What are the locations you will be providing BroadTV?

BroadTV has no restriction based on locations since it can run on all network, you can access broadTV anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection.

Monthly subscription charge for TV subscription only will vary on the plan you choose. However we recommend customers to go for our Internet and TV combo offer for maximum cost saving!

What are the installation charges for a completely new user, without Internet connection and for users with Internet connection?

For users who are completely new without Internet connection, you can set up fiber Internet connection @ minimal cost with BroadLink. Customers are only required to will have to pay a Refundable deposit for fiber Router. Fiber cost charges may be applicable and/or owing to any offers that may be available. After this, customers can choose any packages they desire on monthly quarterly or yearly basis.

For users who have Internet connection with other ISP, you can simply purchase the set up box and subscribe to BroadTV packages of your choice.

HD Channels

SD Channels