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Broad Wifi

Broadlink wifi created a revolution and enabled more and more consumers to be able to get Internet @ the cheapest rates.

Broadlink Wifi is wireless Internet service provided by Broadlink.

When first introduced in Nepal on 2010, it changed the way Internet was used in Nepal. It got more people aware of Internet and their need for it owing to easiness one could access it.

Broadlink utilizes the latest technology in wireless internet to provide cost effective broadband that supports both data and IP telephony that can be set up within hours

Broadlink Customers can use wireless connection as their backup plan to when their optical connection is interrupted. This can be provided at affordable rates and option of choice to Broadlink Customers.

Broad Wifi

Broad Wifi Plans

  • Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is applicable on all residential plans
  • Above all the prices are inclusive of TSC
  • All the above prices are excluding VAT

Are you an existing Broadlink wireless Customer?

Switch to Fiber

Already a Broadlink wifi customer and want to switch to fiber? Let us know to find out cheaper options available to you.

Moving to new location?

Let us know and we will provide you cheapest relocation service within our Fiber network.

Faster and Better

Available in Kathmandu and Pokhara. Orders must be made before 1pm the day before.Switch to Fiber to experience new-age entertainment with BroadTV

Broad Wifi Support

Frequently Asked Questions

+What are the services provided by Broadlink?

+What devices do I need to avail the service?

+What is FTTH?

+What is FUP?

+What is IPTV?

+What is Wireless Internet?

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