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Acceptable use policy applies to all the services provided by Broadlink that is applicable to the customers (Users). This policy is also a part of our Standard Customer Agreement. It includes details on Fair Usage Policy (FUP) and usage that is deemed as excessive or unreasonable.

This Policy is constructed so that we are able to maintain high service standards and ensure that customers are not disadvantaged by the usage behaviour of others. These usage behaviours may be considered excessive, unreasonable and abusive and is therefore prohibited.

Fair Usage Policy (FUP)

1.     What is Fair Usage Policy?

Fair Usage Policy is intended to ensure that we are able to provide you optimum performance for the services you have acquired and ensure that the quality of the service is maintained.  With this regard, some users take up excessive bandwidth affecting other users too. Thus, this policy aims to ensure that other customers are not deprived of good service and performance due to the behaviour of the excessive users.

If you are an excessive user, we may ask you to reduce your use. If the usage continues at an excessive level following this request we may further rationalise your speed, suspend or cancel your service, in each case immediately and without prior notification.

2.     Unreasonable Use

Broadlink advises that the use of services is not for commercial purpose. Broadlink considers your use of the service provided unreasonable if accessed or utilised for any non – ordinary purpose or if the plan is for household/personal use only, but instead it is used for commercial purposes without proper agreement and/or first obtaining approval and written consent from Broadlink. 

With this regard, Broadlink may offer or refuse consent, or give consent subject to any conditions, at Broadlink’s sole discretion for each different case.

Broadlink may contact you if we become aware of an unusually high use of the service by you. Please note that Broadlink is entitled to suspend the service as per NTA guidelines for an unusually high use of the service that is suspicious.

We consider your use of the service unreasonable if: –

  • Your usage of the service affects other customer’s access to the networkand to excessively use our network in peak hour times in such a way that it detriments other customers’ use of the service also.
  • This service is used to abuse other people or to purposefully receive or distribute unlawful and unsuitable materials such as non-permissable copyrighted films and music, viruses.
  • Use the service to post, receive and transmit content that is racist, menacing, abusive, offensive and illegal.
  • You are not using this service in accordance with our terms and conditions and anything that is contrary to this policy.
  • Use the servic in such a way that puts our infrastructure to risk, 
  • SIM boxing, or using the service in connection with other equipments that switches and routes traffic to or from Broadlink or the network of any other vendors.
  • Resupplying and/or Reselling of the service for commercial use  & Wholeselling our service.
  • Running automated programs that keep continous connection without your interaction and presence.
  • Using methods and/or setting up devices that bypasses authentication, pricings and subscriptions, potentially limiting the ability of other customers to access the service.

By using our services, you agree to comply with all the fragments of this Acceptable use Policy. If you are an excessive user, we may ask you to reduce your usage and given the circumstances that such usage still continues, you may receive a formal notice that we shall suspend, restrict or even terminate the services that is availed by you.