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Broadlink is one of the leading internet service providers in Nepal.

With 15 Years of Service, we are driven by technology and we aim to provide highly affordable and reliable service.

BroadLink secures new profits and capitalizes on the rising demand for a new breed of advanced technology into Internet, IP TV & Voice Calls for our partners by becoming a BroadLink business partner today. You’ll gain access to our extensive array of advanced technology solutions, exclusive lead-generation activities, sales and technical enablement, marketing collateral, deal registration and much more.

Our Vision

To be the primary Internet service provider and be able to continue serving customers with utmost quality and scale and be the provider of choice across Nepal and IT sector. We envision an Internet enabled Nepal where it will be our continuous effort to bring Internet to the most remote locations at affordable rates where otherwise is not possible.

Our Mission

We have asserted a unique business model of providing broadband services via last mile cable operators to be able to make accessible for the people of remote locations also possible at affordable rates.

Provide comprehensive and quality Internet solution to our customers by embedding efficient and economical technologies. Additionally, our team of quality staff whose prime significance is to provide proper and superior service to our customers will ensure that glitches and technical difficulties remain from minimum to none resulting in utter customer satisfaction.