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Broad TV FAQs

+Does it incur data deduction on limited data plan users on BroadLink or other ISP’s?

+For ADSL or other ISP customers, what is the minimum connection speed?

+How many channels are currently in HD?

+How to watch broadTV on smartphone and other handheld devices

+Is recording the shows to watch later possible?

+Is set up box required to use broadTV on smart devices?

+Is there a possibility of running more than one TV set at the same time?

+What are the installation charges for a completely new user, without Internet connection and for users with Internet connection?

+What are the locations you will be providing BroadTV?

+What is BroadTV?

+What is Catchup TV?

+What other features are there?

Broadband / Broad Wifi / Broad Fiber FAQs

+What are the services provided by Broadlink?

+What devices do I need to avail the service?

+What is FTTH?

+What is FUP?

+What is IPTV?

+What is Wireless Internet?

Service Issues

+How can I change my subscription?

+How can I check my account billing information and expiry date?

+How can I recharge online via e-sewa, Khalti and/or others?

+How can I register my complaint online without calling to hotline number?

+How do I check my Internet usage?

+How do I login to my Selfcare Portal?

+I shifted my house to a new location, what do I do?

+What is the office Timings?

Technical Troubleshooting FAQ

+How do i know if there is a problem with Router?

+MY Fiber ONU Device is has a red blinking light, what does this mean?

+My ONU device seems fine, but the internet is not working. What can I do?

+Why is my Internet very slow and disconnecting frequently?

BroadTV Troubleshoot

+How to clear data on BroadTV?

+My broadTV channels are Buffering.

+My BroadTV is not working. There is a “Connection problem, please check your settings and try again” message showing in the TV screen.

+My BroadTV is not working. There is a “no signal” showing in the TV Screen.

+My BroadTV is showing wrong date & time information.

+My Broadtv is working but there in less channels.

+My TV is not working; there is a sign in Page appearing on my screen.