Broad Fiber

With BroadFiber, customers can enjoy surfing internet with high bandwidth, stable and secure connection and quality service.

BroadFiber is a fiber service powered by Broadlink. We use contemporary fiber technology for connectivity around the country. Available in Kathmandu and all other major cities outside Kathmandu.

Why Bundle TV and Fiber?

Elevate your entertainment, Bundle with BroadTV and save time and money!

  • Get your entertainment sorted in one place
  • Get great speed with Broadlink Fiber Connection
  • Get amazing features with BroadTV
  • Get Save time with one point contact for internet + TV
  • Savings for bundling your services

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Broad Fiber Plans

  • Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is applicable on all residential plans
  • Speed is rationalised to 5Mbps once data threshold is reached
  • Customers can buy more GB when they finish their daily GB threshold and they are on Fallback plan
  • All the above prices are excluding VAT
  • Any Additional TV Rs. 200/month

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the services provided by Broadlink?

We provide end-to-end solution to all your Internet and TV requirement. Our services include: Fiber Optical Internet (FTTH), Wireless Internet and IPTV

What is FTTH?

Fiber to the Home  (FTTH) is a term used for optical network deployment using optical fiber to provide broadband for the last mile connection. Apart from traditional cables, Fiber optical cables are able to trnsmit bigger dta volumes, as a part of our evolving and ever growing technology needs in the current times. Thus, FTTH can enable subscribers to enjoy array of services that the provider has to offer all through one cable.

What is Wireless Internet?

Wireless Internet is another service you can avail where internet connection is brought to your premises via wireless connection without the hassles of wires and cables. If you already have a FTTH in your home, the wireless service can be availed to ensure you continue to have Internet connection in your home when the fiber optic cables are damaged cutting your Internet connection. At Broadlink, we have an infrastructure to provide you both the services to ensure double connectivity and maximum uptime.

Broadlink Wi-Fi is the state of the art wireless technology covering majority locations inside and outside of Kathmandu valley giving custoers flexibility and mobility through wireless hotspots by Broadlink.

What is IPTV?

IPTV is a TV service provided by Broadlink. IPTV is where you get your TV channels and programs streamed through the Internet Network and you can watch programs through a set-top box on your TV or on your smart hand held devices. 

What devices do I need to avail the service?

You need a special Fiber Optic device that would connect to your computer. When you take service from Broadlink. At an additional cost or deposit, we provide the device to you for purchase or for lease.

What is FUP?

FUP is called Fair Usage Policy. It is a term and mechanism widely used by all broadband service providers to ensure they maintain the quality of the service by ensuring service provided is used faily and as per subscription they take up (For eg, residential, corporate etc) by all the subscribers. It is mainly used to keep such users in check who use up excessive bandwidth slowing down the service for the rest of the users as well. Service providers in the recent times have implemented Fair Usage Policy to maintain optimum performance of the network to ensure that customers are provided seamless service throughout.

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